Quintessential Ignite

Clocking in with nearly a quarter of a million views, this talk (click on the heading) from Ignite Seattle waaaay back in 2007 is the one that gets checked in more or less every article or summary of the Ignite format. Rob Gruhl discusses tactics for buying a new car.

The reason it gets listed so often? Well, check it out and you’ll see that Rob really lives up to the Ignite motto: Enlighten us. But make it quick. After his five minutes are up you really do have a handful of great tips for buying a new car.

Okay, so purists suggest that you needn’t bother with a summary – heck, if your audience has forgotten what only told them less than five minutes ago, is a summary going to help? – but in Rob’s case he’s covered everything he needed to, and done it with passion and enthusiasm, so people tune in and watch it and enjoy it. And I’m sure that you’ll have enjoyed it too.

A guy.

Giving a slideshow.

About about buying a car. 

And people enjoy it.

That’ll be the passion, the enthusiasm and the magic of the Ignite format*.

I love Ignite.

(*okay, so it’s that with a sprinkling of humour and crowd excitement)

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