Speakers look back on IB#1

Some of the people who spoke at Ignite Bristol #1 recall their experiences

David Gilroy – “When I first heard about Ignite I thought what a great format it would be to speak on anything I liked, for five minutes, with the slides changing automatically. It gave me a chance to talk about a topic that had been bugging me for a while, with a great audience and via the videos on , was able to share it with friends & family around the world.”

Sara Wallen – “I was pretty nervous by the time mine came around (being the last one of the evening!) but I’d had such a good time enjoying all those on before me, and enjoyed a glass or two of wine, so it was brilliant fun just being up there and motoring my way through all my prompt cards! The crowd was friendly and encouraging and I would certainly do it again if I could think of something else to talk about”

Ben Leppier – “To be honest ignite was an amazing evening. I was ridiculously nervous when I spoke – with 120+ people in the room most people would be. It didn’t matter any incy wincy tiny bit though as the other speakers were awesome. All of the subjects covered were very engaging and entertaining; and what’s more, the audience were very supportive of everybody. I would recommed every one in Bristol to attend. The audience will reach 1000 I’m sure in less than 6 months!

Peter Brill – “As a speaker, Ignite is a total adrenaline rush: a chance to deliver a short, succinct and powerful message to an open-minded audience. In fact, the perfect ingredients for the perfect presentation.”

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