Steve Virgin – Could Wikipedia ignite Bristol?

Never mind having to explain what “cassette tapes” are, and why, when I were a lad, it was necessary to agree a time and a place to meet someone before you left the house, I’ll one day also have to explain to my son how it was that we got through the day without having the answer to almost every question only a moment’s search away. Andmost times you pose a question, Wikipedia is the source of the answer.

So it’s quite hard to remember that this incredible resource is not yet even ten years old. But for those that are involved ,the millions of pages of English language content are really only the starting point.

In this full-tilt talk , of explains how Wikipedia is put together and introduces its sister projects.

Steve was also able to confirm that Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales (you know him from the current crop of banner ads across the top of his progeny) will be making a lightning visit to Bristol as part of his visit to the UK to celebrate that first incredible decade.

Jimmy will be speaking at University of Bristol’s Victoria Rooms on 13 January 12-1pm.

Here’s the press release:

A decade ago the idea of a constantly updated online encyclopaedia, which would be collaboratively written by tens of thousands of people and read by hundreds of millions, was a dream.

Since then, Jimmy Wales has inspired others to join him, and has formed a 100,000-strong online volunteer community, which has built Wikipedia into a worldwide force for free learning and general education, run with modest resources, engaging communities worldwide. It’s now firmly established, but where will it go next?

This is a rare opportunity to hear Jimmy Wales talk about the history of this remarkable project as well as the plans for future development.

I don’t know about you, but for me this is akin to getting the chance to see Gutenberg 10 years after he made his first printing press.

So, if you want to attend you can get tickets by emailing or calling their ticket line on 0117-928-8515.

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