Alison Slater – Typofight: Helvetica vs. Univers

If you’re after a balanced, fair analysis of these two colossi of the visual design arena, look elsewhere because it pretty soon becomes clear where designer Alison Slater’s preference lies. These two typefaces are both over half a century old but while one may be ubiquitous, Alison argues that it is the other that has the superior features. But do you agree? Tell us your thoughts; leave a comment below.

Alison originally submitted this talk for Ignite Bristol #2, but events conspired to keep her off our line-up until now. If you submit an idea for a talk, if it’s good enough, we’ll make sure you make it on stage.

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One Response to Alison Slater – Typofight: Helvetica vs. Univers

  1. Andrew C says:

    I wonder what her viewpoint on Consolas would be.

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