Thank you Mr Brunel

…for building your wonderful ship and a big thank you to everyone who helped make last night’s Ignite Bristol #4 such a great success.

First up, we must say thank you to all the great speakers who lit up the “stage”, and here they are (in the order they spoke):

  1. Paul Jones Parry – Darwin’s Lunchbox: Why does everything taste like chicken?
  2. Oliver Humpage – A beautiful equation
  3. Daniel Lewis – Alchemical Web Development
  4. Sam Phippen – The most dangerous game
  5. Alison Slater – Typofight
  6. David Sloly – Where do ideas come from?
  7. Matthew Davies – The crimewave of the monks
  8. Richard Churchill – How to have fun in the rain
  9. Eleni Papavasileiou – Stories from the Vault – The Brunel Institute
  10. Bob – History of the ss Great Britain (against the clock)
  11. Andy Sloan – Iran vs Iraq: at football
  12. Phil Wilson – The eternal sunshine of the spotless facebook
  13. Alex Kavel – TLAs and beyond

Remind yourself what they look like in this spooky image and these wonderful portraits.

The crack squad of Ignite video editors are even now breaking out the editing software, hard at work producing the clips, so stay tuned to to see them as they appear.

A huge thank you to our hosts, Brunel’s ss Great Britain. After seeing the awed looks on the faces of the audience, even those long-term Bristol residents who have seen the great ship a thousand times as they travel up and down Hotwell Road, it’s easy to understand how it has achieved the status of UK Museum of the Year and Visitor Attraction of the Year on more than one occasion. It was simply a magnificent location for us to hold our Global Ignite Week event. So thanks to Bronwen, Dagmar, Bob, Steve,  and the rest of the team.

And finally, a big thanks to everyone in the crowd who supported the speakers and gave them agreat reception, no matter the subject. And a special thanks to those who let us know they wouldn’t be coming with enough warning to be able to reallocate the tickets to those that wanted to.

If you were at the event last night, do let us know what you thought – tell everyone else what they can expect for Ignite Bristol #5. If you were inspired by what you saw and think you might like to get up on stage, let us know by clicking on the link above.

The Ignite Bristol Team

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