Alex Kavel – TLAs and beyond

“I’m in my PRPS and my Nike SB’s; Ravin’ with SHM, London to NYC” so intones Tinie Tempah in his dual-credited hit with Swedish House Mafia (the SHM of which he sang). But while Mr Tempah might be a bright new thing, there’s nothing new about the dreaded acronyms he throws about with such abandon, as Alex Kavel explains. From noble birth of the acronym (as an FLA) in the Roman Republic, to the modern supremacy of the three-lettered variety, Alex warns of an impending era of acronym-scarcity and pours scorn on Soviet-era acronymical waste.

Alex’s was the closing talk of Ignite Bristol #4 aboard Brunel’s ss Great Britain. Our guests had a great evening, our speakers joined an elite band of Igniteers around the world and we, the Ignite Team, got a great buzz out of organising it. Join us on May 12 for Ignite Bristol #5 at Spike Island, as a guest or better still, as a speaker.

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