Ignite Bristol #5 to be at Spike Island, May 12th

We started in a Polish club, then moved to a Tobacco Factory and an ocean liner. Now we’re going to hold Ignite Bristol on an island. Spike Island.

Ignite Bristol #5 will be at Spike Island on Thursday 12th May as part of the Bristol Festival of Ideas.

Given the size of the venue there will be a greatly increased capacity compared to our night at the ss Great Britain, so we hope that noone will be disappointed this time around. Of course the best way to guarantee your place would be to submit an idea for a talk. Have it accepted and you can tell everyone you know that you’re not only speaking at Ignite, but at the Festival of Ideas as well!

Tickets remain free courtesy of our sponsors and venue partner – Spike Island

Spike Island is an excellent working environment for artists and those developing a path in the contemporary visual arts. Within the 80,000 square foot building, they provide exhibition and studio space as well as services and space for commercial creative industries. The Spike Island Cafe, where Ignite attendees will be able to drink and discuss the talks on the night, has become an important social focus for all those who use and visit the building.

Situated on the southern end of Bristol’s historic docks, the former 1960s Brook Bond tea packing factory has become, over the last ten years, a leading venue for the production and display of contemporary visual arts. The view from the front door is across the tributary of the Avon known as the New Cut. This river, with the second highest tidal differential in the world provides all that use the building with a daily drama of its ebbs and flows.

In addition to the provision for the visual arts, Spike also offer workspace for commercial creative businesses. The largest design incubator in the South West, , is an important new model for the support of early stage creative business, and has brought a new and energetic community of designers to work from the building.

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2 Responses to Ignite Bristol #5 to be at Spike Island, May 12th

  1. Thurstan Jonathan Banister says:

    Hi, I won’t be able to make Ignite Bristol no.5 due to a previous engagement. Do you have details of an Ignite Bristol no.6?

    Look forward to hearing from you,


  2. Dan says:

    Thurstan, we’re looking at maybe some time in September for IB#6.

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