Ignite Bristol #5 to be part of Festival of Ideas

We are delighted to announce that Ignite Bristol #5 will be part of the May programme of the Bristol Festival of Ideas.

For many years, the Bristol Festival of Ideas has sought to stimulate people’s minds and passions with an inspiring programme of discussion and debate. For some time, we at Ignite Bristol had been in discussion with the FOI team regarding the incorporation of a ‘short talk’ evening into the festival, and following our successful sell out evenings at the Tobacco Factory Theatre and the ss Great Britain, it was felt that the time was right for us to come together.

The date and venue of Ignite Bristol #5 will be announced in a separate website post later today.

The Bristol Festival of Ideas is an initiative of Bristol Creative Projects – BCP – (formerly Bristol Cultural Development Partnership): Arts Council EnglandBristol City Council and GWE BusinessWest.

It brings together many of the cultural organisations in the city along with universities and others (the responsibility for the programme is BCP’s alone). It seeks to provide an annual festival of debate and discussion in May with special events through the year. Overall, it is keen to link arts and sciences, as much of BCP work does. It does not shy away from controversial issues and speakers and seeks to engage widely in the city. The festival has adopted a freedom of speech policy to show our commitment to debate and discussion, which can be viewed here.

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