Phil Wilson – The eternal sunshine of the spotless facebook

Facebook is accused of many things – breaking up marriages and helping bring down governments are just two recent accusations levelled at it, for example. Phil Wilson is worried about something else – Facebook is, he contends, robbing us of our mementos and keepsakes – no more Pepys, peeps! But help is at hand and in this inspired Phil who tells how it is now possible to create scrapbooks and photo albums every bit as good – better even – as we did in the era bF*.

Now we’ve only got one more video to release after this one – we need more. Tell us the name of someone who you think could tell a good story and and get front row tickets for the next Ignite Bristol!

* Before Facebook – yes kids, it was once the case that your parents would go out for a drink and photos of the event would only surface weeks later when the “film” was “developed”. It was even common place not to know what a friend did from one day to the next. And they got by.

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