Richard Churchill – How to have fun in the rain

Rained off. Rain stops play. Wrong kind of rain. As adults we treat rain as a problem, as an impediment to business as usual. But Richard Churchill argues that if we think about rain as less about meteorology and more about a frame of mind then rain is an opportunity for fun, wonder and shared experience.

Ignite Bristol #4 was Richard’s second time on our stage – he’d been a triumphant part of Ignite Karaoke at Ignite Bristol #2. Bitten by the Ignite bug with a handful of slides he’d never seen before he agreed to return for a secondbite. Richard wasn’t the only returnee at IB#4 – Paul (IB#2), David (IB#1) and Alex (Ignite Cardiff) have all experienced the thrill and wanted to do it a second time. Are you ready for your first? Tell us about it.

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