Julian Baggini – Are you an illusion?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Xin-_TvyOg]

In a great talk to round off our evening, Julian Baggini left us with quite a thought to take home with us: is what we think of as “I” a singular indivisible entity, or are we a unique assemblage of myriad experiences and memories playing off one another? Julian, following a tradition that includes Buddha, David Hume and modern neuroscience, suggests it’s the latter.

It was an intriguing idea to take out into the warm Bristol night, but I ask you this – if you are simply the product of your knowledge, memories and experiences, how much more would you be as a result of five excellent evenings of enlightenment at Ignite Bristol?

That’s the last of our talks from Ignite Bristol #5. If you’ve enjoyed them, let us know, or better yet, tell your friends about us and plan to join us at the on 14 September for Ignite Bristol #6.

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