Videos coming soon, tell us your ideas now!

Word is in from Ignite Bristol’s crack team of video producers – the final edits are coming together and the clips will be appearing very soon. It’s your chanceto relive, or see for the first time, our very strong line up from Ignite Bristol #5.

In the meantime, if you are thinking about submitting an idea for Ignite Bristol #6, hitting the Tobacco Factory Theatre on Wednesday 14 September, then don’t waste your time – tell us now. Already we have received some great suggestions but we always want more. The deadline for your ideas is Wednesday 10 August.

Not sure if your idea is good enough just yet? Don’t worry, you can submit more than one proposal. We do follow up your suggestions and if, as a result, you fancy tweaking your idea, that’s okay too – the more work an idea gets, the better the talk will be!

So far we’ve had ideas for talks from people in the audience at previous events, from people who just “heard about” us and, as ever, speakers from past Ignite Bristols – one talk is never enough!

To tell us how you would enlighten Bristol in 5 minutes, just fill out our form.

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Dan organises the speakers for Ignite Bristol and tends this website.
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