Meet the host for IB#6 – Paul Parry

Ignite Bristol is delighted to announce that Paul Parry will host our sixth event, taking place on Wednesday 14 September at the Tobacco Factory Theatre. Rather than us waffle on about how cool it is that a two-time former speaker and professional ‘funnyman’ is returning to MC for us, we’ll let Paul do it:

Paul Parry (left) meets Gorisambard (right)

“My name is , and I love Ignite. It’s peculiarly relevant to me, as a documentary comedian. By night, I am often found roaming in front of a slideshow, like a fatter less successful version of Dave Gorman. I baffle people about , or my previous career as a grotto Santa.

I got into Documentary Comedy for two reasons. One, I have an appalling memory and people frown upon comedians reading things off scripts, and two, I tend to talk about real things that have actually happened, which often sound so very unlikely that I need to provide a little evidence via the old Powerpoint. So whether it is running a marathon onboard a ship, having a Santa’s grotto in an erotic boutique on Park Street, or cycling a tandem  – it helps if I back myself up with some photos or videos.

Having spoken at Ignite Bristol (and Cardiff), I can’t wait to compere Ignite Bristol #6. Firstly because it guarantees me a ticket in the now Glastonbury-esque ticket rush for each long-awaited Ignite. Secondly, because there’ll be another fascinating and eclectic mix of talks for me to introduce, when 12 nervous people will step on stage at the Tobacco Factory, and five minutes later step down having shared their passion and informed, entertained, and enlightened their audience.

So accept no substitutes – Ignite is still the biggest, best and ‘free-est’ speakers evening that Bristol has to offer. Hope to see you there!”

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