Sam Phippen – Games, Gamers and Gaming

Gaming is no longer the preserve of solitary teenagers lurking in bedrooms. It’s a global, mobile activity more people take part in than perhaps even the participants themselves realise! For his excited at Ignite Bristol, wanted to speak about his passion. An ardent gamer himself, Sam addresses the stereotypes that exist and makes the case for

The astute among you will notice we’ve had to skip a bit out of order to bring you our next talk. Blame Sam. He was staking out our in anticipation of seeing himself again and when we uploaded the videos we weren’t quick enough to hide them – he got in and started posting it and, well, it’s picking up views already…

See what enthusiasm does for your delivery? If you have a passion you think the world needs to be informed about, and you could be on our stage next time.

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Dan organises the speakers for Ignite Bristol and tends this website.
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  1. Dan says:

    This one is already clocking up a fair bit of chat on its YouTube entry.

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