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Our chums at Ignite London featured on Radio 4’s Word of Mouth in January as part of a short article on public speaking events like Ignite and TED.

You can .

The piece was put together by Ignite Bristol’s very own and posed the question, “does show and tell in American schools foster better public speakers?” It also features an interview with Chris Anderson, the guy behind TED, who was formerly top of the tree at Bath-based magazine giants Future Publishing.

The only time we'll ever mention the T-word.

Sadly, the show’s host Michael Rosen doesn’t get on stage, but if he had he might have bumped into our host of IB#6, Paul Parry, a veteran Igniter who was clocking up his fourth talk, but his first on the London stage. As it was, that had to wait until a couple of weeks later when Rosen interviewed Paul about misuse of the word “literally”…

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