Ed Barnett – How to live longer

Kicking off Ignite Bristol #7 we had seasoned Igniter Ed Barnett, who performed the same honour back at Ignite Bristol #5.

Accidentally knocked back a glass of anti-freeze? Avoid debilitating renal failure by throwing back a couple of vodka chasers (and phoning an ambulance). Just one of the many snippets of invaluable advice for longevity given away as part of Ed’s Top Tips for Live Longer-ness.

We’ll be releasing the rest of the videos from Ignite Bristol #7 here over the next couple of weeks so keep coming back for more!

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Dan organises the speakers for Ignite Bristol and tends this website.
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One Response to Ed Barnett – How to live longer

  1. Phil Barnett says:

    Another masterpiece from my genius son. Where did he inherit this talent from?
    Great stuff, Ed! Love you. Dad x

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