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Sam Green is not the first person to come and speak about happiness on our stage, but his subject was probably the first great thinker on the topic, and I suspect if you asked Sam he’d say that after 2334 years Aristotle remains the best. Aristotle was a man ahead of his time – author of “the world’s first self-help book”, Ethics, his ideas look relevant than ever, perhaps no more so than in the country of his birth.

So, what does Sam reckon would be on Ari’s Sky+ box if he were alive today? Supernanny. Why? Watch Sam’s well delivered talk to find out.

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  1. Sam says:

    Here’s a bit of background on some of the slides, and some links to more info;

    Slide 6 – Rubbish tip
    My photo; taken in the shadow of the Taj Mahal, at Agra in India

    Slide 7 – Revolutionary Posters
    My photo; taken in Pyongyang on a visit to North Korea

    Slide 8 – Crowd
    My photo; taken during the Velvet Revolution in Prague in 1989

    Slide 9 – Supernanny
    For more:

    Slide 10 – Conscience & Courage
    This is a book by Eva Fogelman – here are a couple of links to more information:

    Slide 11 – Sophie Scholl
    Here is a link to more information on her, and the wonderful film made about her:

    Slide 13 – Jet
    My photo; taken when I went along on a USAF refuelling mission over former Yugoslavia in 1995

    Slide 14 – AS Neill
    Having trouble finding a link to his book ‘A Dominie’s Log’ which is well worth reading.

    Slide 16 – Harold Wilson on Holiday
    More on this topic:

    Slide 17 – Boat
    This is a photograph of the Mary Jean II:

    Slide 18 – Tony Blair
    More on this topic see –

    Slide 19 – Children
    My photo; taken on a visit to North Korea


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