Agilebase sponsor Ignite at the Museum

We’re delighted to announce our second sponsor for Ignite Bristol #8 ‘Ignite at the Museum”. It’s – a flexible cloud platform that enables you to build your own software. With Agilebase you can supplement your existing software, or create brand new applications from scratch. It’s simple and affordable – meaning no developers, no servers, no hassles. It can support a CRM system, inventory, invoicing, job tracking, shared calendar, marketing, logistics – in fact it can be literally any data-based application, whatever tool you think your business needs. Perhaps the only thing that the platform can’t do is give anIgnite talk, which is where the Agilebase Chief Technology Officer Oliver Kohll steps in. Oliver is going to give a talk on ‘An Alphabet of Music’ which will combine his love of music, physics and technology. It sounds as amazing as the support that Agilebase have given Ignite, enabling our next event to happen.


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