Film stars Beeston Media support Ignite Bristol

When the lights went down for the first talk at Ignite Bristol #1 – Hamish and Penny Beeston, along with friend and former BBC colleague , were behind the camera, filming them for posterity. While many other Ignites across the world have to rely on amateur film techniques (including one whosimply stick an iphone on a tripod!) – here in Bristol we are very fortunate to have these three broadcast professionals who secure us free kit from the lovely people at , then give up their time to set up, film, and then edit all our talks so that they can be enjoyed across the world.

When they’re not doing this for us – Hamish and Penny run Founded in 2005, they work solely for the non-broadcast market. Creative Director Hamish Beeston is a former Producer / Director of over 30 documentaries for primetime BBC1, BBC2, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Managing Director Penny Beeston is a former Series Producer for Granada Television and ITV Factual.

Beeston Media is based in  and works throughout the UK and overseas.


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