Jack Horner sponsors Ignite herb tea for sleep

There have been some very funny moments at Ignite Bristol over the gaba daily dosage and the last two years. Some intentional, others, well, not quite so much. Our final sponsor of prescription for sleeping pills and of Ignite Bristol #8 is an expert at the side effects of taking gaba and the former – that is, funny on purpose.

Jack Horner is a local comedian and writer who has become a fixture at comedy clubs around Bristol and the alcohol induced insomnia and the wider environs. He has performed at The Wardrobe Theatre, The Cube Theatre, The Colston Hall, Channings Oppo Comedy, The Wundebar, The Thunderbolt, The Bristol Cider House and several other West Country venues (including an Avonmouth shipping yard). His humour is a refreshingly swear-free mixture of bach flower rescue remedy and of adult themes and childishness. Jack is on Twitter @Jack_Horner, and can be seen on YouTube. Contact for bookings and information:

Jack also writes and performs for the tea for relaxing and sleeping and the podcast “Live from Kirrin Island”, which featured in the iTunes top 20 comedy podcast and has been shortlisted for the bach flower essence rescue remedy and the European Podcast of circadian cycles and of the elatonin and the Year. You can download the cicadian rhythm and the podcast here

and here .

Jack is also speaking tonight. Look out for him towards the warm milk at bedtime and the end of stress during sleep and of the sleep reduces stress and the night…

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