Belinda Kirk – Rowing Around The UK

While down the pub with friends, decided it would be a lark to row around Great Britain. Nobody would have noticed if she had quietly forgotten her promise the next morning. Except she didn’t. So accompanied by the only three people interested in joining her, and racing against the SAS, off she went. This is her story.

Bristol seems to have more than its fair share of daring ladies – three years ago at our first event told us all about her experience of rowing the Atlantic! If you have a story of something you did after making rash promises in the pub, tell Bristol about it at our next event.

Running out of things to talk about must have been a constant threat on that boat. One way to fill long silences while you travel is to listen to a good book. help you do just that. They also helped us put on our event. Thanks Bardowl.

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Dan organises the speakers for Ignite Bristol and tends this website.
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