Stephen Clarke – The Bristol Pound

Stephen Clarke likes to keep himself amused by walking into local shops and asking if they accept the Bristol Pound, the local currency of which he is a passionate advocate. If the shopkeeper does, then great, they conduct business. If he gets a “no”, Stephen turns on his heels and walks out the door.

In the current climate anything that keeps money in the city is good for all of us here and so far it’s going well. The Bristol Pound may already be the largest local currency scheme in Europe and is showing other parts of the UK the way with its digital payment options – a national first.

If you are interested, you can sign up for your own Bristol pounds or register your business at

A few people were grumbling about the late start before Stephen took to the stage. That was nothing compared to the choice language flying moments earlier when our projector died. But thanks to Mick and the team from , no-one in the audience noticed…

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