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When people heard about , a video game created by Tomas Rawlings and his team, they naturally assumed it would be another crass shooter, tastelessly exploiting the misery of people still enduring the civil war. But that’s far from the goal. For Tomas and people like him, gaming is his primary media for interpreting the world, in the way poetry, painting or photography may have been for people in previous generations and in his talk at Ignite Bristol #8 he explains his point of view.

Tomas’ talk was a first for us; we scooped Sky by a day with the story of Endgame: Syria.  The game is a great example of the ground breaking thinking that takes place everyday here in Bristol and you should check out some of the other games produced as part of the project.

If you are breaking new ground yourself, then come and tell us about it at Ignite Bristol #9 –  Propose a talk now.

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