Ignite Bristol #9 – Speaker line up

Not in order of appearance – we’re still trying to negotiate that with the speakers, some of whom want to ‘smash it early doors’ while others want to wait until you’re all slightly more lubricated by the Colston Hall bar. That aside – here they are, with links to find out more about them if you’re interested.

– People Like Us.

– The Paradox of Oneness.

– Be an Engineer.

– TheTalk that Reddit wrote.

– Personal Space Exploration.

– Not so Supermen. The fall (and rise?) of British Superheroes.

– The Summer that I was arrested.

– Home travel.

– When your words connect.

– Bristol represented. One person at a time.

– Grotto Superstar.

– Beer. The drink of the civilised.

– Is ‘Amen Break’ the most influential piece of music ever?

– Between the cracks. The coffee roasting process.

So there you are. Quite a spread of subjects as ever. We’re looking forward to it – hope you are too. The bar at the Colston Hall is from 8.00am on the day, but perhaps don’t get there until a bit later. We’ll all be setting up once we finish our day jobs, and the doors of The Lantern will be open at 7.00pm. We’ll be planning to get underway at 8.00pm, and with 14 speakers we plan to have five talks then a break, five more, another break, and then a final 4. However this is dependent on confirmation from the Colston Hall, so a final decision will be made later / on the day.


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