Sponsor Ignite Bristol #9

Ignite is free. Since we started over two years and eight events ago, we have managed, through the wonder of ‘asking nicely’, to get our venues, camera equipment, chairs and whatever else we needed for no charge. All of which has meant that tickets to our ‘sold out’ events have never really been sold. We’ve given them away. We feel good about this – about there being no barriers to anyone who wants to coming along for an evening of stimulating talks. We want to keep it that way. However for our next event at the Colston Hall, we do need to raise a little bit of money, over and above what our existing sponsors already give us.

So we need to raise a little bit of sponsorship money. Not much. But a bit. So if you would like to become a sponsor of Ignite Bristol – it costs only £50 and you get, well, you get as much as we can possibly give you. It might not seem a lot – but then, we’re not asking for a lot of money (we hope!). We will put your logo up on this site, write up a lovely story about you, tweet that to our huge(ish) following, and make many and plentiful references to how wonderful you are on the night.

We appreciate that this is late notice, it was one of those things that just slipped through the tight mesh of our organisational net….

Anyway, if you can help, drop us a line on twitter or at theteam@ignitebristol.net

Many thanks.

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