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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus User Guide User Guide (All Carrier) Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus User Guide Overview. The rear has a clean look, with a one Samsung logo accompanied by the new dual-camera system and a heart-rate sensor. The black unit is an absolute smudge magnet, far more than the black apple iphone X or iPhone XS, collecting grime and oily residue a lot more than most. While I believe the benefits of the glass back outweigh the disadvantages, it’s still a pain.

2018 has felt like a transition year for Samsung. It’s modified its flagships and released gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy Note nine, Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018), yet not one of them have felt like big releases. It appears almost certain we’ll get something a lot bigger when the Galaxy S10 without doubt launches in the early months associated with 2019.

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a gorgeous device, most abundant in advanced camera we’ve ever noticed. Keep it safe with the best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus cases. Galaxy S9: Buy this one if you want to spend minimal, if you prefer a smaller phone and if you don’t need to plan to take portrait photos.

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The burst associated with colour and vibrancy on this display screen is sublime, but can sometimes appear a little oversaturated – yet it’s nothing that can’t be set with a bit of tinkering in the configurations. Viewing angles are fine, plus outdoor visibility is great, although the change to blue that’s common upon OLEDs can be seen here. 

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