Blanquer JM: “I think, therefore …

Blanquer JM: "I think, therefore … you have! "The Minister of Education published on Thursday in the Official Bulletin, four circular sign and a very accurate guide (130 pages) to school teachers on the teaching of reading. It will even specify the format notebooks to use! He explains in an interview in Paris, where he states in particular (this is the title of the article): "pedagogical freedom was never anarchism." Before a broader reflection on the balance sheet of a year of ministry Blanquer, here are some hot comments … Finally, there is worse than the experts, there are "informed": those who know better than everyone and who tell you how … Jean-Michel Blanquer is a magnificent example. He thinks because he read some books and was made two or three convictions he knows more than the collective intelligence of teachers. There are also, in fact, a misunderstanding of what actually happens in classrooms. It is a technocrat. And a technocrat in a bureaucratic society is obsessed with conformity procedures. Instead of indicating the course and goals, which is indeed the responsibility of the policy, it manufactures and regulations directed to comply with the terms he decided alone. There is in it a kind of "fantasy Jules Ferry" to which he is not alone in succumbing rue de Grenelle: think of a kind of performative speech, what is said or written will fall impeccably up any classroom. "The School of Trust" is not for everyone … At least not for teachers! Because it reflects primarily a lack of trust in teachers who are reduced to the rank of performers (although they have a framework status). We are in the order instead of being in dialogue and negotiation. As one union to summarize the posture of E.Macron in other folders "So I think … you have! "This formula applies perfectly to our minister. Finally, note that this strategy minister falls demagogy and "educational populism". It is clearly the parents (and grandparents …) reviving old recipes dating a nostalgic fantasy school. And they make the cleavage standing out old moons of the overall method instead of relying on the consensus and the actual practices of teachers who feel denied in their professional identity and see it as an infringement of their trade. Philippe Watrelot ———————– Chronicle education Philippe Watrelot is made ehomework review
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