Guidance for speakers

Your talk needs to be accompanied by a slide show in the Ignite format – 20 slides, each timed for 15 seconds.

You’ll find a 22 slide show – 20 for your talk with top ‘n tail slides for your name and a finish. The timings are already set so that once we hit start on the first slide, you’re on your way! When that finish slide comes up you stop speaking.

Creating your presentation…

  • All presentations are to be created using Microsoft PowerPoint – sorry OO users and Fanboys, for Ignite it’s Ppt all the way!
  • Use only text and image content in your slides.
  • Please use system fonts such as Arial, Trebuchet, Verdana etc. TIP: If you want to use other fonts then it’s easier and more reliable to have them as part of an image instead.
  • Insert your name on the first slide

Please make sure you DON’T include:

  • animations or builds
  • your company slide format
  • obvious plugs for your company or business
  • video

We don’t like using the word ‘rule’ but we have to here – let’s just look at the first rule again: The most important rule of all is ‘NO BUILDS’. You can put whatever you like in your slides but there must be no programming other than the changing slides. Of course, there can be variations on this, but please check with us before hand as we may have technical constraints.

Supplying your presentation…

  • The slideshow you send us should have 22 slides – no more, no less.
  • Please remember to change the title of your show to your firstname and lastname
  • Save as .ppt file (Office 2003) and NOT .pptx (Office 2007/10) as this can cause issues with formatting
  • Zip your file before emailing to avoid any file corruption
  • Please send final presentations direct to
  • If you need help, drop us a line to the same address.

Feel free to send pictures or grabs of your slides so we can check their appearance. You can do this by exporting your slides as a PDF or as Jpeg images. Check that they are what you expect and send them through with your presentation. We’ll do what we can to sense check your slidesbut we simply don’t know what you are hoping to see. If you are really paranoid then get to the venue early on the evening and we can go through your slides with you on the host machine.

Practice, practice, practice

The way to a truly great Ignite talk is to simply practice it. Get confident with your slides and get a feel for your timings. We’ve created a little tool to help you make the most of spare time – an audio track with the timings on. Stick it on your mp3 player and use it while commuting, or while watching pigeons in the park.

>> Download the audio template

For more tips, check out the speaker-inspired list courtesy of our chums at Ignite Cardiff.

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